5 Best Apps for Windows 8

This post is about the five most common Windows 8 Metro apps that I use. Many of the Windows 8 apps are still relatively new and less functional than their Android or IOS counter parts. But slowly more and more apps are starting to come about and the quality of the apps are also getting better. In my opinion these are some of the best apps available out there for Windows 8 Metro.

Mail App

The first one is an app that comes with Windows 8 itself. The Mail app is quite good. It lets you do the basic things you expect from a Mail app. I’ve configured my Gmail and Yahoo mail accounts to this app. This app also lets you add your AOL, Hotmail and Outlook accounts too. The app lets you read your mails, reply to mails, send new mails, delete mails, move mails to different folders, mark mails as unread and finally search within your inbox or other folders for specific words. A recent update has also added more advanced options like creating and editing folders.

Mail App

Google Search

The Google Search app is another app that is really nice for Windows 8. The thing I like the most about this app is its simplicity. In the settings you can either set it to open links in the same app or open the links in the default internet browser. Another cool thing in this app is the Instant Preview mode. When you set this mode, instead of listing the search results, it shows you a preview of each website. The search history option is also very useful.


Google - Instant Preview


I think Milligram is the best Instagram app available for windows 8 yet. Though you can’t add photos with this app, viewing the instagram accounts you follow is very nice. You can like, comment on pictures or even save the pictures to your computer by clicking on the picture.



For travellers out there, the skyscanner app is an extremely useful app. I was quite impressed with the functionality of this app when I first downloaded it. Usually most metro apps are scaled down versions of a desktop program or webpage or something like that. But this app is fully functional from what I can see and it is also very aesthetically pleasing. In the settings you can change your language, currency, distance unit and billing country.



The Bible app by YouVersion is my final app suggestion in the post. For anyone looking for a bible app on Windows 8 Metro, this is the best one. As with the IOS, Android and other versions of their apps, they give you a lot of options on the bible versions. Audio option is also available on some versions. Another interesting option is the parallel reading option. Using this you can read two versions on the same screen. This is very useful when you want compare versions.


Like I said earlier, lots of new good apps are being developed for Windows 8 Metro UI. Do you know of any other good apps for Windows 8?


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