The 5 Best Games In Windows 8

Windows Store for the PC has started to get some really good games now. All these games are already available for the IOS and Android. You can check out my review of the Games I like in the iPod here. These are five of the best games in Windows 8 as of now.


This is a skiing game. There is a guy on his ski and he needs to go through obstacles while performing some stunts to increase his score. The control seems to be a little difficult as you have to use the arrow keys for controlling the skier. In the iPod the character is controlled by tilting the iPod which gives you better control.


Gravity Guy

The next game is gravity guy. This is also a game that is already available for the IOS. The objective of the game is to keep running and not get stuck at obstacles. There is guy chasing you, so if you get stuck even for a second he will get you. The only thing you can do is run normally or run upside down against gravity. You can switch between these two position by either a click of the left mouse button or the space bar. You definitely get better control of your character in a PC than in the iPod

Gravity Guy

Jetpack Joyride

This is a very simple game. There is a guy running forward and he can also fly using his Jet Pack. The objective of the game is to keep going forward without touching the flames or getting zapped by the laser beam or getting hit by a rocket. On the way you have to collect as many coins as possible. There are three missions assigned to you to complete at a time. As you complete each mission you level up and the missions become more complex. You may have to repeat the game several times to finish a single mission. You get bonus vehicles sometimes and if you’re riding them and you get hit by any obstacle only the vehicle gets destroyed and you you will continue with your Jet Pack. In this game also, controlling your character is much easier on the PC, especially with the left mouse button.

Jetpack Joyride

Where’s My Perry

This is another interesting game. It’s kind of like a puzzle. Agent P is stuck in a container and the only way to free him is by directing the water towards the right direction. Some of the levels are quite challenging.

Where's my Perry

Brain Cube Reloaded

This is my final game in this review. Brain Cube Reloaded is a puzzle game. You have to direct the block along the maze from the starting point to the end destination. Of the five games, this is the most challenging game in terms of having to think.

Brain Cube Reloaded

Hope you liked the games. Like I said earlier Windows 8 has started to get some really good games now. So if I do play some other games in the future I will definitely write about them. If there are any other games that are interesting do let me know.

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