Running Games for iPhone and iPod

These are some of the ‘Running’ games or ‘Endless Running’ games that I like in my iPod. These are simple, fast and fun games that don’t require much strategy. They just involve some guy running, flying or skiing. Most of them are either free or Rs.55 in the Itunes App Store. I’ll try and give a short introduction about each game

Jetpack Joyride

This is a very simple game. There is a guy running forward and he can also fly using his Jet Pack. The objective of the game is to keep going forward without touching the flames or getting zapped by the laser beam or getting hit by a rocket. On the way you have to collect as many coins as possible. There are three missions assigned to you to complete at a time. As you complete each mission you level up and the missions become more complex. You may have to repeat the game several times to finish a single mission. You get bonus vehicles sometimes and if you’re riding them and you get hit by any obstacle only the vehicle gets destroyed and you you will continue with your Jet Pack


Ski Safari

This is quite an exciting game too. There is a guy on his ski. Your mission is to ski forward and when you jump of a ramp you need to ensure that he doesn’t lose his balance and fall down. There is an avalanche that is chasing him and if he falls down the avalanche may get him.


iStunt 2

iStunt 2 is also a skiing game. But here there is no avalanche chasing the guy and you are scored based on tricks you can do as you ski.



This is one of my favourite games to play. The game play is very simple. There is a guy running up the wall and he needs to avoid obstacles that come his way. The only thing that he can do is jump from one side of the wall to the other. When he jumps across if he hits something he kills/destroys it as he is swinging his sword. If he hits the same thing thrice then he can travel for a small distance in a hurry and nothing will harm him during this time. There is also a shield that he can acquire sometimes which will protect him for one hit which will result in him losing the shied. NinJump also has another edition called NJDX free which offers three more types of game play.


Line Runner

Line Runner is another fun game. This is a very fast moving game and it’s quite difficult to get high scores in advanced tracks. The hero is always running and he can either jump or roll to avoid obstacles. You are scored based on how far you can go without hitting an obstacle.


Gravity Guy

This is quite an interesting and a different type of game. There is a guy running and he can either run normally or run upside down against gravity. He has to avoid the obstacles by switching his running mode. He is always chased by a bad guy so if he gets stranded even for a second the bad guy will get him and he has to start over. The other way in which he could get out is falling into a hole or flying into space while running upside down.


Temple Run

This game needs no introduction. It is one of the best games around. The game play is just a guy running away after stealing an Idol. There are some demons chasing him. You can jump over or slide under obstacles. When you reach the end of a road you have to swipe left or right to keeping running on that road. The aim is to run as far as possible and not fall down into holes, get hit by obstacles or get caught by the demons.  Along the way you’ll have to collect as many coins as possible. If you have lots of coins then there are many power ups available. Temple Run 2 is also now out so do try that as well. Temple Run 2 has better graphics, but on my iPod 4th generation it sometimes gets stuck. And as with most of these games getting stuck even for a fraction of second usually means you’re out!!


Jailbreaker 2

This is a nice and easy game where you have to jump over or slide under the obstacles. Sometime you may have to run along walls for a short period of time.


Action Hero

Action Hero is my last recommendation for these type of games. This is also quite an exciting game and I have a hard time getting more than 220 which is my highest score so far. There is guy running on top of a train and he need to punch bad guys out of his way. Along the way he also needs to jump over some obstacles and duck under some. When the game gets fast it’s quite difficult to duck under obstacles sometimes!!


Do try these games and let me know if you like them. If you have any suggestions about similar games, let me know.

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